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Bjørvika is a neighborhood in the Sentrum borough of Oslo. The area is an inlet in the inner Oslofjord, situated between Gamlebyen and Akershus Fortress. It serves as an outlet for the river Akerselva.

Since the 2000s, it has been undergoing urban redevelopment, being transformed from a container port. When completed, the Bjørvika neighborhood will be a new cultural and urban center in Oslo. The multi-purpose medium-rises of the Barcode Project dominates the skyline to the north; to the east the residential area of Sørenga is under construction. The Oslo Opera House, the Oslo Public Library, the Munch Museum to form a new cultural center at Bjørvika.

Between Dronning Eufemias gate and the central station are twelve medium-rise buildings, up to 22 stories tall. These have officially been christened the Barcode Buildings.

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