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 Old Munchmuseum

Forget everything you know about museums. The new groundbreaking Munchmuseet is going to be a meetingplace in Oslo with experiences for everyone. The doors are opening in fall 2020 with Munch, and so much more.

MUNCH transforms Oslo´s skyline, yet bows respectfully towards the city that surrounds it. This is the architects vision. - Edvard Munch is about not accepting conventional rules, about fighting against opposition, about never giving up. The building is there, it has a powerful presence, and it is part of the city. It says, Okay, here I am. I hold the legacy of the most important artist in Norway´s history, and I gaze entranced at Oslo and the fjord because it is the city and its collective dreams that have built me.

These words were spoken by Juan Herreros, founding partner of the Spanish architecture practice Estudio Herreros. Together with his partner Jens Richter he has designed MUNCH in Bjørvika. The foundation stone for the new museum was laid autumn 2016, after a long and heated debate on both design and location – not unlike that which preceded the building of the original museum at Tøyen.

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