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For many, fishing is the best part of the summer.

Fishing in a mountain lake with hook and worm for the fist time is the kind of thing you remember for the rest of your life.

Inland fishing in rivers and mountain lakes is an activity which really lets you experience nature up close, and the taste of fried mountain trout with sour cream is magnificent. The chances of catching are not dependant on your equipment, and the youngest beginner might have just as much luck as experienced fly rod veterans.

The combination of fishing rod, mountain boots and a backpack of good food and drink is a sure winner with both the young and the old.

Different fishing equipment

There are no absolute rules on what equipment you should use when you go fishing. Some prefer using a spinner, others like worms, and some prefer fly-fishing. The chances of catching fish are always there, regardless of what equipment you use.

If you are a beginner you might want to use a relatively short rod with a closed reel. As you gain more control you can switch to a longer rod with an open reel. With both of these pieces of equipment you can use both a spinner or a float with worm of fly. Eventually you can learn to use a fly rod. Fishing is free for children under 16. Those older than that need a fishing licence for the area they wish to fish in.

Fishing from boats not allowed.
Trout smaller than 25 cm should be released unharmed.
  Sport fishing in Gol is divided into four zones with different fishing licences.

Zone 1:

The Hallingdal River from Ål town limits to Nesbyen town limits. The river has a large stock of trout. Fishing with hook and worm, fly and spinner allowed. The river flows through varied terrain with both rapids and calm parts, making it suitable for fly fishing at certain places. Adapted for the disabled at Gol Campingcenter and Fossheim Camping.

Fishing licenses can be bought at Gol Tourist Information, camping parks along the Hallingdal River and sports shops in Gol.

Season: January 1. to September 19.

Zone 2:

Søråsen (along the road Herad - Bagn). Several good bass and trout waters. No waters can normally be reached by car. There are marked trails to most waters laying within 2-3 km from the road. Fishing licenses can be bought at Gol Tourist Information, Gol Campingsenter, sports shops and Shell stations in Gol.

Season: May 13. to September 18.

Zone 3:

Golsfjellet. Most waters in the Gol Mountains. Mixed stock of bass and trout. Several waters close to the road. Handicap adapted at Hamartjern and Brautemotjern. Fishing licenses can be bought at Gol Tourist Information and Hotels and other accommodations in Golsfjellet.

Season: June 5. to September 10.

Zone 4:

Nedre Hemsil. From Eikre dam to Gol town centre. The river is easily available and offers a varied terrain with both rapids and calmer areas, perfect for anglers who want to experience the changes of nature.

Season: May 15. to September 15.