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stein eriksen
stein eriksen

Stein Eriksen (born December 11, 1927) is a Norwegian former professional alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist. Stein Eriksen won the gold medal in the Giant Slalom event at the 1952 Winter Olympics, which were held in Oslo, (Norefjell). He also won a silver medal in the Slalom race.

Eriksen was the first skier from outside the Alps to win an Olympic men´s alpine gold medal. Some of his other accomplishments include the fact that he is credited with devising aerials, a freestyle skiing event, and he helped revolutionize the world of alpine skiing, especially in America, where he has served as a ski instructor at many different ski schools.

stein eriksen

For his Olympic medals, Eriksen earned the Holmenkollen medal in 1952 (Shared with Torbjørn Falkanger, Heikki Hasu, and Nils Karlsson).

It is said that Eriksen was skiing´s first superstar, since he was handsome, stylish, and charismatic. Despite his fame, he maintained a very down-to-Earth personality. For example, he is quoted as saying, "Be tough, be confident. But you will never be a whole and happy person if you aren´t humble".


Shortly after his success in the Olympics, Eriksen went to America and has lived there ever since. He worked as an instructor and as a director at various ski schools across the country. He is currently director of skiing at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah, and also serves as host of the Stein Eriksen Lodge, a ski lodge in Deer Valley, Utah (the Lodge was named in honor of Eriksen, but is not owned by him). Stein is married, has four children, and currently calls both Utah and Montana home.

stein eriksen

In 1997, Eriksen was honored by the King of Norway by being awarded the highest honor that the Norwegian government can give to people living outside Norway. Stein´s father, Marius Eriksen competed in the 1912 Olympic Games as a gymnast.

Norwegian skiers have always been most proficient in the nordic events. Any Norwegians who have been a match for central Europeans in the alpine events have been exceptions. One such was Stein Eriksen.