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lyngen alps


The Lyngen Alps is mainly located in the municipalities of Lyngen and Balsfjord, although there are mountains further south and east, but not as impressive as the Lyngen Alps. Accommodation in Lyngen and Balsjord.

Lyngen is literally crowded with peaks and glaciers, with the mountains rising directly out of the fjords to a height of 6,000 feet. The area is referred to as the Lyngen Alps.

The Lyngen Alps is a mountain range east of Tromsø. The mountains follows the western shore of the Lyngenfjord. The length is at least 90 km (depending on definition, there are mountains all the way south to the border with Sweden), and the width is 15 - 20 km. The mountains dominates the Lyngen, which is bordered by the Lyngenfjord to the east, and Ullsfjorden to the west.

Lyngs Alps

These alpine mountains are popular among extreme skiers, and provide stunning scenery against the blue fjords. The highest peak is Jiekkevarre, 1.833 metres, the highest in Troms. Store Lenangstind is also a prominent mountain.

There are several glaciers in the mountains. The Lyngen Alps are sufficiently high as to give rain shadow in the interior lowland areas east of the mountains.

The highest mountain peaks in Lyngen are: Jiehkkevarri 1.880 metres, Store Lenangstind 1.596 metres, Istinden (Kjosen) 1.550 metres, Store Jægervasstind 1.545 metres, Bredalsfjellet 1.538 metres.


In spite of their location so far north, Tromsø and Lyngen both enjoy a moderate insular climate. Summer weather ranges from five degrees Celsius and rain to 28 degrees and fantastic swimming conditions for the undaunted.

Winter in Tromsø is not especially cold. The record low emperature in Tromsø is minus 18 degrees Celsius, while the average January temperature is minus four, but in return there is often a lot of snow.


The Midnight Sun is visible from around May 21 to around July 21. Between November 21 and January 21, the sun disappears under the horizon and we experience the Polar Nights. It is not completely dark during the middle of the day, and the light and colour in the sky is amazing when the weather is favourable.


Northern lights is the name of a light phenomena often seen in the northern regions. The northern lights have had a number of names through history.

The Sleeping Soldier


High peaks and deep fjords carve out the landscape of Balsfjord. The most known mountain peak is Blåtind or The Sleeping Soldier (Den Sovende Soldat). Blåtind is 1.182 metres high and lies at Laksevatn in Balsfjord.