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Atlantic halibut (Kveite) is the largest member of flatfish family, with its eyes on its greyish side and a white blind side. Juveniles are found along the coast of Norway in relatively shallow waters, whereas full-grown Atlantic halibut usually stay at depths of 300 to 2000 metres.

Atlantic halibut spawn at depths of 300 to 700 metres in deep hollows in the banks off the coast or in the fjords. In addition to the coast of Norway, Atlantic halibut also spawn off the Faroe Islands, along the ridge that runs between Greenland, Iceland and Scotland, in the Denmark Strait, in the Davis Strait and on the banks off Newfoundland.

Atlantic halibut is extremely vulnerable to overfishing - it is territorial, grows very slowly and matures late. In addition to minimum size limits and net mesh restrictions, fishing for Atlantic halibut using nets, trawl nets, Danish seine nets and other fixed equipment is prohibited between 20 December and 31 March. After many years of research and development work, the Atlantic halibut has been established as a farmed species.


Sold fresh or frozen in slices, in fillets or as whole fish. With greater access to farmed Atlantic halibut, fresh Atlantic halibut will be available all year. Atlantic halibut can be prepared in many ways, e.g. fried, poached and grilled. It has delicate, white flesh and as the queen of all fish, is served at banquets and special occasions in Norway.

Nutritional content

Atlantic halibut usually contains 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 grams of fillet and is also a good source of vitamin D. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the development of various cells in the body; and they have a beneficial effect on heart and/or circulatory diseases and immunological defences.

The fat content can vary with size and the part of the fish´s body where it is measured. Vitamin D is necessary in order for the body to be able to utilise calcium to develop and maintain bones and teeth.

Sogn Aqua in Ortnevik is farming Halibut of very good quality. The basis for Halibut farming on land is use of cold water. In Ortnevik Sogn Aqua have access to this resource from Sognefjorden.

Seafood from Norway.
  atantic halibut



April to December


Up to 3 metres
Weight up to 300 kg