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arctic char

Arctic Char (Røye) is the name given to farmed Norwegian Char. Thousands of years ago, when the polar ice cap receded from our land area, Arctic Char had already adapted to the harsh, cold, challenging environment of Arctic Norway.

The fish had developed a migratory pattern in which it alternated between the fresh water of rivers and lakes and the salt water of the sea. In addition to being Norway´s oldest freshwater fish, Arctic Char is also the one that lives the farthest north.

There are two types of Arctic Char: the anadromous char (which migrates to the sea), and the non-migratory char, which lives all its life in fresh water. The Arctic Char has an oblong body and a small head, and it comes in many different forms depending on its habitat, and other factors. In the sea, the fi sh are silver with a dark back, but during the mating season, the abdomen becomes blood red. Non-migratory Arctic Char are often darker on the back and sides than anadromous Arctic Char.

The fleshÊ of the fish varies from red to pale red in colour. At present, the salmonid Arctic Char is farmed in small facilities at many locations in Norway where there is good access to pure, cold fresh water. The emergence of this kind of small, quality-conscious fish farming industry has ensured a regular supply of Norwegian Arctic Char to retail outlets with well-stocked fish counters.


Norwegian Arctic Char is sold fresh and frozen, whole or in fillets. It can be brine-cured, drycured, smoked or fermented. Arctic Char may be grilled, fried or poached and is well-suited to sushi and sashimi.

Nutritional content

The fat content is lower than that of the other salmonids, and almost 80 % of the fat consists of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. This fish is also rich in vitamins A, D and B12.

Seafood from Norway.
  arctic char



Farmed Norwegan Arctic Char
All year availability


Depends on the life cycle
and habitat
Seagoing Arctic Char
can be as large as 5 kg
usually 1-2 kg