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Moskenes has plenty to offer for those who wish to meet the elements. A boat trip by way of the Maelstrom, characterized as one of the fiercest - and possibly the most dangerous ocean currents in the world, brings us to the "Outside" of Lofoten.

On the soutcoast of Moskenesøy is the fishing village of Å. The last letter in the Norwegian alphabet and the end of the Lofoten road.

Å has a unique Fishing Museum, with many restored buildings, demonstrations and exhibits. The stockfish museum in Å, opened in the summer of 1993, and learn about the thousand-year old history of stockfish as a trade commodity. Learn how stockfish is classed, where it is exported, and what is required of a first-class product. There is lots of activity and many different experiences in summer.
 Terje Holen