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The choice of cruise´s is as varied as the many facets of Norway. From first-class cruises on big cruiseships to the lonely voyage on your own boat. Looking for Killer whales on the fjord and when the summer season is over and winter is approaching, it is time for the annual whale safaris.

Hurtigruten has been cruising along the Norwegian coast for more than 100 years, so they know what they are doing! The crew is basically Norwegian. The Hurtigruten concept differs substantially from other cruise liners, as it is regular, public transportation for the people living along the coast.

The trip with Hurtigruten has been described as the "World´s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage". Hurtigruten was established in 1893 by government contract to improve communications along the long, jagged coastline. "Vesteraalen" commenced the first round-trip journey from Trondheim on 2 July 1893 bound for Hammerfest, with calls at Rørvik, Brønnøy, Sandnessjøen, Bodø, Svolvær, Lødingen, Harstad, Tromsø and Skjervøy. She was captained by "Richard With", considered the founder of Hurtigruten.

Originally only "Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab" was willing to sail the then poorly charted waters; the voyage was especially difficult during the long, dark winters. Hurtigruten was a substantial breakthrough for communities along its path. Mail from central Norway to Hammerfest, which had taken three weeks in summer and five months in winter, could now be delivered in seven days.

Encouraged by "Vesteraalens" early success, several other shipping companies obtained a concession to operate the route, extended to run between Bergen in the southwest and Kirkenes in the far northeast. A fleet of 11 ships visits each of the 34 ports daily, both northbound and southbound.


Hurtigruten (the Express Route) is a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway´s western and northern coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. Sometimes referred to as Norwegian Coastal Express, Hurtigruten ships sail almost the entire length of the country, completing the round-trip journey in 11 days. The trip has been described as the "World´s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage", with highlights including the Hanseatic League city of Bergen, the Geirangerfjord (summer only), and the Lofoten Islands. The company has nearly 2% of the worldwide cruise market.


The Telemark Canal was hewn out of the rocks by hand well over 100 years ago, and when completed in 1892. Europeans described it as the "eighth wonder of the world". 500 men had worked for five years to dynamite their way through the rocks.

The Telemark Canal stretches 105 kilometres from Skien to Dalen. The Canal consists of eight locks with a total of 18 lock chambers, and a difference in height of 72 metres. There are six municipalities which are known as Canal Municipalities: Skien, Nome, Kviteseid, Tokke, Sauherad and Notodden.


Whatever your fancy, Magic North, based in Bodø, has a staff able to offer you the best local knowledge in this part of the country. In addition to fishing expeditions we are specialized in tailor made adventures and conferences in northern Scandinavia for the corporate market.
We also offer you the best fishing areas in the country, from the River Namsen in the south all the way up to the North Cape, and includes the best known locations such as the Namsen, Saltstraumen, the Lofoten Islands, Vannøy, Sørøya, Repvåg and the best angling spots on the mountain plains of the Finnmarksvidda.
You may like to try out other means of travel in addition to the conventional aeroplane, car or bus, fishing smacks, local river boats, canoes, rafts or dogs make exciting alternatives, adding spice to the actual fishing itself.

Activity menu:

Sea Angling, Angling, Salmon Fishing, Fishing and the North Cape.


Norway is one of the world´s most unspoilt areas. Where else can you see glaciers, fjords and the legendary Northern Lights? It is very much an outdoors cruise holiday destination; an opportunity to get back to nature and witness it in its rawest state. A must is a visit to Ålesund with its array of colourful buildings, art nouveau turrets, steeples and spires giving it a unique fairy-tale feel. Even the bigger cities such as Bergen and Oslo feel compact and friendly. Whilst in Oslo, don´t forget to check out the National Gallery, home to masterpieces such as Edvard Munch’s "The Scream" and the Viking Museum.

When it comes to food, Norwegians have always turned to what they have to hand. Therefore traditional dishes comprise of game (moose, reindeer, duck and fowl), mutton and fish, in particular the famous pickled herrings. The natural beauty of Norway is impossible to overstate and a cruise holiday to this country will unveil natural treasures that will leave you speechless with a strong desire to return again and again.


Fjord Travel offer you an easy and ecofriendly way of travelling in Norway, as all trips are based on travel by regular, public transport, like train, boat/ferry and coach. As it is a long way between southern Norway (Oslo) and Arctic Norway in the north (Tromso & Kirkenes) we also use regular, domestic flights. Some of the excursions, like dog sledding and snow mobile safaris, are not part of the public transport system.

Fjord Travel Norway is a family owned, Norwegian company located in Bergen. Selecting a Norway tour from our various tour selections, such as Northern Lights tours & cruises, Fjord cruise packages, Norway cruises, Christmas cruises. All our Norway trips are individual/unescorted (you will not travel with a group).


Norway, Iceland and the fjords cruises that dot their coasts are truly magical. Take a Norwegian fjord cruise in spectacular fjordland and you´ll be treated to views encompassing snow capped mountains, ancient glaciers and remote fishing villages. A place so beautiful the sun is reluctant to set, on a fjord cruise you´ll benefit from near endless light in the summer months and a chance to see the incredible phenomenon of the "midnight sun>" . Selected Iceland cruises even venture as far north as North Cape and Honningsvaag – from where only the Svalbard Islands stand between you and the North Pole.

Along with natural beauty, Norway cruises gives you the opportunity to explore a range of historic and beautiful towns and cities, such as Stavanger, Bergen and Flamm. Discovering, as you travel, how the sea and harsh conditions have shaped the lives of the people that call Norway and Iceland home.


M/S Gamle Helgeland have Sandnessjøen as home harbour. But we can also arrange a trip out from Mo i Rana, Mosjøen or Brønnøysund. We have all rights at dock at Alstahaug, Træna, Lurøy and Vega. The ship is a very good alternative for companies, groups and private persons that want to experience something else in their holidays. Here you will find 1954 atmosphere! The passenger saloon can be arranged for up too 50 persons for dinner. M/S Gamle Helgeland will be able to carry 90 passengers in day voyages around the islands on the coast of Helgeland.

Activity menu:

Svartisen, the old church of Alstahaug, Island Jumper, Herøy, Dønna, Lovund, and Diving.


Located at Melsomvik. We take you around the Vestfoldcoast included Nøtterøy and Tjøme, in 8 different vessels up to 100 passengers. Along the coast you can experience the dramatic contrast of magnificent bare rock faces alongside beautiful beaches, and enjoy the enthusiastic boating life, which is typical of Norway.

If you are interested in history, Vestfold has a rich selection of historical treasures from ancient and Viking times, enabling you to go back in time to the very heart of the Norwegian culture. We have a vessel called Gaia, which is a true copy of the Gokstadship.


We take you around the coast in 12 different vessels up to 300 passengers.

Activity menu:

Alnes Lighthouse, Cylindra AS, Dalsnibba, Devold, Ergan Coast fortress, Flydalsjuvet, Herdalssetra, Herøy Kystmuseum, Ishavsmuseet at Brandal, Riss Modell at Bjørke, Ytste Skotet and Ørnevegen.


We take you around the coast in M/S Føyna, a vessel take up to 12 overnight passengers.


Vinnes Skyssbåtservice take you around the Coast in 3 different vessels. Our vessels have a capacity from 19 passengers up to 100 passengers.


Cruise Vessls are situated in Oslo. We take you around the Oslofjord in 27 different vessels from 10 passengers to 300 passengers.


We are situated in Oslo. We take you around the Oslofjord in M/S Oslo IX, a vessel take up to 85 passengers.


We are situated in Oslo. Oslo Fjordcruise take you around the Oslofjord in different vessels. Our vessels have a capacity from 10 passengers up to 185 passengers.


We are situated in Oslo. Plenty Fjordcruise take you around the Oslofjord in M/S Plenty a wooden boat.


We are situated in Oslo. Troll cruise take you around the Oslofjord in 6 different vessels. Our vessels have a capacity from 40 passengers up to 350 passengers.


OSLO, the capital of Norway.

BERGEN, The Gateway to the Fjords.

GEIRANGER, breathtaking scenery

STAVANGER, a "timber" town, the largest in Europe, also the capital of Oil.

HAUGESUND, here rests Harald the Fairhaired, Norway´s first king, buried at Haraldshaugen, Norway´s national monument.

ÅLESUND, at the city mountain Aksla, you have a breathtaking gradient and a fantastic view over the alps and the fjord.

MOLDE, "the Town of Roses".

KRISTIANSUND, three islands connected by bridges and the lively harbour in its town centre.

TRONDHEIM, worth your while.

BODØ, the town of the sea eagle.

HENNINGSVÆR, a fishing village in Lofoten.

TROMSØ, "The Paris of Scandinavia".

HONNINGSVÅG, at the northern tip of Norway (North Cape).

LYNGØR, the best preserved village in Europe.

KRAGERØ, picturesque and idyllic.

RISØR, the white town on the Skagerrak.

SVELVIK, small and charming village.

HOLMSBU, The idyllic village near Rødtangen.

DRØBAK, an idyllic coastal town, from its origins as a little coastal village.

DRAMMEN, the capital of Buskerud.

TØNSBERG, enjoy the view from the Castle Hill.

FREDRIKSTAD, the Old Town on the east bank of the river, a real pearl.

MOSS, the Canal is THE place to go.

HALDEN, Fredriksten fortress and close to the border of Sweden.

MANDAL, with a 250 acre nature reserve over 2 kilometres of sandy beaches.

ARENDAL, based around seven small islands.

LARVIK, burial mounds from the Iron Age at Mølen.

LILLESAND, display of flowers in the summer.

GRIMSTAD, Ibsen´s youth home.

HORTEN, High-Tech centre of the future.

SANDEFJORD, the whaling town.

SKUDENESHAVN, a charming harbour and fishing village.

FRØYA, have 5000 smaller islands, islets and skerries.

HITRA, is the biggest island south of Lofoten.

ØRLAND, surrounded by the sea on three sides orland is a haven for sailing enthusiasts.

ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD, this unique highway will bring you out to the very farthest point where the land ends and the ocean begins.

HALSA, the very characteristic boat of Nordmøre is Geitbåten.

RUNDE, the waters are known to hide a large number of shipwrecks as well as the puffin. It nests in screes and holes in the ground, making it difficult to count.

VEIHOLMEN, the fishing station where there is always lots of activity with fishing.

TRO ISLAND, a approximately 4.000-year-old rock carving from Røøya, which documents skiing´s thousand-year history.

NESSTRAUMEN, the third strongest maelstrom in the world.

LOFOTODDEN, Norway´s largest coastal cave.

RØST, the climate is ideal for the production of stockfish.

SORTLAND, is now referred to as The Blue City.

SVOLVÆR, the Svolvær Goat, is the town´s most characteristic feature, and it represents a challenge to climbers.

TYSFJORD, every fall the herring and the killer whales enter the fjord to spend the winter here. Stetind, the national mountain of Norway is also here.

STAMSUND, one of the largest fishing villages in West Lofoten.

LYNGEN, the most mountainous landscape in Norway.

FINNCHURCH, is said to be the most graceful sea cliff in Norway.

SPITSBERGEN, Svalbard´s largest island.