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urnes stave church

This stave church is dated to approximately 1150, although some of the materials used are older. These materials, dated to around 1050, may have been used for churches that had been previously standing at the site.

The north portal contains the oldest materials. It consists of, among other things, carved animal and plant motifs. The north portal had been the western front door of an older church dating from about 1050. The curved decorations display animal figures which look like snakes engaged in battle. The style in the north portal, as well as the exterior carvings are known as the "Urnes Style".

Underneath the church a runic inscription was found, which says: "Arne preast want to have Inga".

The Urnes stave church is very well preserved and is the oldest stave church in Norway and Urnes stave church is entered on UNESCO´s World Heritage List of most valuable cultural memorials in the world.World, USA.

Urnes Stave Church is situated in Luster.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.