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vaagaa stave church

Vågå church is an extended stave church which has had its present form since 1630. The old church had a single nave and supposedly stood 300 metres to the west. Amongst other things, there are carved wall planks from the old church placed at the main entrance of the new one. By the style of these carvings we can date the old stave church at about the 1100s.

Werner Olsen was responsible for extending Vågå church between 1625 and 1630. The pointed 8-sided tower surrounded by 4 smaller towers is a trade mark of his. He made the church cross-shaped, and the style of building resembles that which was used in the old stave churches. The vestry, built of shaped logs, was built later on in the 1600s.

Of the church´s treasures, the oldest is the 12th-century steatite font. The crucifix is early gothic work, from the mid-13th century. The pulpit dates from the completion of the church in the 1630s. The altar-piece is from 1674 and the altar-rail from 1750. The churchyard is distinctive, with many wooden and steatite gravestones. It contains Romanesque encircled crosses and late-eighteenth-century carved stones, as well as richly carved wooden grave planks.

Vågå stave church is situated in Vågå.

 Stave Churches of Norway Church buildings tell some of the story of this cultural convergence.