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Panorama picture from Evje og Hornnes Municipality in Norway


At Ausneset, 5 km south of Evje, is the Setesdal Mineralpark with some 1,000 square metres of exhibition space, blasted out of the rock. Setesdal Mineral Park lies in a mining area rich in tradition, where copper and nickel ore has been extracted from the mines at Flåt since 1844, and mining of quartz, feldspar and rare minerals has been carried out from the 1880´s up to the present. A great number of mineral collectors have visited the mines during all this time in search of mineral "treasures".

It is now possible to enjoy this experience in the Park, where 175 metres of mine galleries underneath the mountain contain one of Norway´s finest collections of minerals and crystals. What the inner caverns of the mountains can show in the way of magnificent shapes and colours will give visitors a new and different nature experince.