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Panorama picture from Tvedestrand Municipality in Norway


To the west of the plant lays the manor house. The main body built 1740, enlarged with wings in 1806 and still the home of the Aall family, the owners of the Næs estate. The estate includes the romamtic park, gardens and other landed property.

Jacob Aall (1799-1844) bought the manor in 1799. He was one of an assembly of 112 men, statesmen, land owners, merchants, officers and farmers worked together to write the constitution of Norway, Europe's oldest unbroken constitution. This happend on 17 May 1814, the Norwegian Constitution was passed in Carsten Anker' s home in Eidsvoll, now known as the Eidsvoll Building.

Further west is the small manor house, built 1825, the old farm house built 1617, three 18th century dwelling houses for tenants and officials, and finally the old school house, built 1847, now in use by the golf club. All buildings listed as monuments of architectural and historical value. To the east, in the village of "Nesgrenda", the iron workers lived from the last part of the 19th century.

The iron industry was rudimentary for Norway's economical and technological development through three centuries. Næs Iron Works is an outstanding monument over this part of Norwegian history.