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Panorama picture from Hol Municipality in Norway


Welcome to one of Scandinavia´s largest and oldest winter sports resorts. The view is from Vestlia. Geilo has more than one hundred years of experience in modern tourism, and has something to offer for every taste. We offer holiday stays at first rate hotels, cozy appartments, or traditional cabins. Cabins, appartments, and hotel rooms are available in many different sizes and standards. There is always a fitting alternative for those who wish to visit Geilo. We can offer accommodations in various categories for more than 3.000 people, with or without dining included in the price, so that our guests may decide themselves whether cooking should be a part of their vacation or not.

Geilo can also offer a very good selection of skis and lifts. Our lifts can bring you to several different summits, and the runs are varied and exciting. In all our resorts we take especially good care of the children, so that mother and father may be free to spend some hours skiing on their own, while the children are in the capable hands of our qualified personnel.

If you wish to go cross-country skiing we can offer more than 220 km. of prepared trails. Here you may choose if you want to follow the trails down in the valley, or if you want to go into the high country, with the challenges that may bring. In January/December approximately 50 km of the trail network will be groomed. Some days you may want to leave your skis alone, and visit one or more of Geilo´s excellent shops.

The selection is varied, and should cater to your every need, whether you are looking for clothes, skis or something else. Additionally, you should not forget to set aside time to visit one or more of Geilo´s cafés and restaurants, where we also believe we have something to offer for any taste, whether it is fish, game or just a quick snack. We also offer a wide array of exciting activities and events throughout the year. You will find activities at the skischool, in the slopes, on the rivers, in the mountains, or wherever it may fit.