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Panorama picture from Modum Municipality in Norway


The big ski-fly slope makes Vikersund Jump Center a literally great sight both in summer and winter. The ski-fly slope has a critical point of 175 meters. The record for the slope is 194 meters, set by Mr. Okabe from Japan in 1998. The jump was opened in 1966 and Bjørn Wirkola jumped 146 meters already at that time.

The ski-fly world championships were held here in 1977 and 1990, as well as several World Cup competitions. Modum has had its own World Champion in ski-flying, Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl. The standard ski-jump with a critical point of 90 metres is also constantly in use. Several national competitions are arranged here every year and the jump made its debut as the venue for the Scandinavian Championships in 1989.

The Vikersund Jump Venter consists of seven ski-jumps. A 120-metre jump is also being planned. Children have splendid conditions to start their ski -jumping careers here. The jumps have critical points from 10 meters and upwards. In the cutting on the way up towards the top there are fossils of trilobites - animals that lived millions of years ago.

Vikersund Sports Association runs its own information and souvenir kiosk at the Jump Centre, as well as selling the usual range of kiosk goods. The kiosk is open throughout the summer from midsummer onwards and in the winter in connection with training and competitions.