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Panorama picture from Sigdal Municipality in Norway


Sigdal and Eggedal Museum is a regional museum for Krødsherad, Modum and Sigdal. (The Folk Music Centre is the big building at the end of the lake). The Buskerud County folk music archives, complate with folk music consultant. The old buildings and green they surround are full of life - dancing, fun and arts and crafts. We have a large village green with live animals and variety of arrangements throughout the summer. Make sure to see the «Oak Building» trom 1750, with its rose-painted hall and doctor´s office dating back to about 1900. You can buy local handicrafts in «Landhandelen» (the village store).

The Folk Music Centre
Newly restored and filled with modern equipment, the Folk Music Centre lends itself equally well to courses, meetings and conferences and to individual tourists and groups. Simple, reasonably priced accommodation. 32 beds in rooms sleeping 4 or 5. Traditional local food, fully licensed. Hall: caters for a course with 60 people, dinner settings for 80 or a concert with 100 spectactors. Several lounges and group rooms. Exhibitions, folk music and dancing. Sale of folk music and instruments. Outdoor amphitheatre - dance floor sound studio. Canoe rental.