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Panorama picture from Sigdal Municipality in Norway


Welcome to the seter. In some parts of Norway, dairy cattle are still driven up to the «seter», or mountain pastures, in the summer, and the dairymaids and herdsmen - and fortunate visitors - still live in the picturesque, rustic cabins. Grøset Seter is located in beautiful natural surroundings, in the Troll country of Norwegian folk artist Theodor Kittelsen. Surrounded by thick, tar-impregnated timber walls peat roofs with the grass still groving on them, and with the sound of cow bells in the distance, you will be able to experiencc oldfashioned muntain dairying and taste realmountain food - delicious !

We have a varietv of animals at Grøset Seter, and you will be able to make the acquaintance of Telemark cows, sheep, hens and our billy goat. Our animals are all friendly, fond of people and used to children. Because at the farm we have real goatherds - three of them ! You will be able to join in the daily running of the farm, looking after the animals and making mountain food. We make all our farm food just the way they used to in the l9th century, with traditional old utensils and equipment !

The well known landmark Andersnatten Mountain towers at the end of Lake Soneren. If you are driving along national highway 287 through the Sigdal Valley, you turn off at Båsheim and follow the signs for Grøset Seter up the hillside and behind Andersnatten - about 7 km. Welcome to the seter !