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Panorama picture from Sigdal Municipality in Norway


Christian Skredsvig is especially well known for his picturesque paintings, including The Ballad, The Willow Flute and Jupsjøen.

High up in the hills above Eggedal Church, he built his home, Hagan. in 1896. It is a remarkable house, made up of several old buildings. Both the house and the interior are still much the same as they were when Skredsvig lived here.

Paintings and drawings by Skredsvig and his artist friends hang on the walls. This unique collection includes about 150 orignal works of art. Beautiful old peasant furniture acquired by Skredsvig adorn the rooms. In the adjacent storehouse, dated 1668, special souvenirs, reproductions, posters and cards are also on sale. Guided tours.

After visiting Hagan, visit Lauvlia, the home of the artist, Theodor Kittelsen. His home, is another cultural attraction in the valley of artists.