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Panorama picture from Sigdal Municipality in Norway


Theodor Kittelsen is known for his poetic paintings and fairy tale drawings of trolls, animals and landscapes. In 1899, the family moved into their own home Lauvlia, beautifully situated at the lake Soneren in Sigdal. The house is adorned with Kittelsen´s own wood carvings and painted motives.

Every year, the studio has new exhibitions of Kittelsen´s original paintings. The stabburet, or outdoor storehouse, is the Children´s House. Here you will find models of the wodden toys made by Kittelsen for his children. Easels, brushes and paints are available, ready for use. You can stroll along the paths where Theodor Kittelsen found his inspiration. His years in Sigdal were the most productive in his artistic career. The old wash-house now serves as a salesroom where you may purchase models of the wooden toys, as well as reproductions, posters and cards.

After visiting Lauvlia, you drive on toward Eggedal on route 287, where you will find Hagan, the home of the artist, Chr. Skredsvig. His home, is another cultural attraction in the valley of artists.