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Panorama picture from Vardø Municipality in Norway


Vardø town is the only town in Norway situated in arctic climate zone, this means that the average temperature per mounth exceeds 10 degrees celcius. This of course means a lot for vegetasjon and animal life. The worlds most northern fortress village. One of Norways oldest townstatus from 1789.

The summer is traditionally the big touristseason in Vardø and Finnmark. This is not strange as the sun shines all day and night, people hav no time to sleep and nature shows itself from it`s best side. Yoy should also consider a visit during the time of darkness.

Vardø gets wind from all directions, waves splashing over boats and dock, snow in large amounts and in clear weather a truly fantastic nothern light. If you like skiing and icefishing you should visit Vardø in April. The sun has began to warm the landscape and there is still a lot of snow left. The Coastal Steamer has daily departures.