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Panorama picture from Bergen Municipality in Norway


In the house, constant visitors and noise from the kitchen interrupted the absolute quiet that Grieg needed to work. That is why he had the composer's hut built down by the lake in 1891, so he could be alone with his musical ideas.

Grieg used his composer's hut frequently when he stayed at Troldhaugen. He went down there every day, locked himself in and tried his best to work. It wasnt always easy for a composer who was easily distracted. An unfamiliar sound. or a boat rowing on the lake, was enough to break his concentration. When he left his hut at the end of his working day, or when he was gone from Troldhaugen, he always left a brief hand-written note on his writing desk: If anyone should break in here, please leave the musical scores, since they have no value to anyone except Edvard Grieg.

The Troldsalen concert hall has seating for an audience of 200 people. Troldhaugen has been carefully preserved both indoors and outdoors. The interiors of the Villa and the Composer´s Hut are authentic, and in the lounge, the composer´s own Steinway, a gift celebrating the couple´s silver wedding anniversary in 1892, is still used both for recitals during the Bergen International festival and on special occasions, as well as for private recitals.

The new Edvard Grieg Museum, which opened in Spring 1995, includes a permanent exhibition, multimedia room cafê; and administration. Regular summer and autumn concerts are held in Troldsalen, as are a number of other concerts and special events throughout the year. The interiors of the Villa and the Composer´s Hut are authentic.