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Panorama picture from Surnadal Municipality in Norway


Svinvik Arboretum is a botanical garden where the main emphasis is on trees and shrubs. The arboretum was created by Halvor Svinvik and his wife, Anne, who began constructing it in 1943. The main part clothes the step slope down to Todalsfjord. An impressive effort went into constructing a network of steps and paths making the previously trackless terrain accessible and transforming the barren knoll into a luxuriant botanical garden.

Halvor Svinvik was about 50 years old when he started the plant collection, and was hampered by poor eyesight all his life. He was colour blind and became almost completely blind towards the end of his life.

The nomerous conifers and rhododendrons are the most notable plants in the arboretum. On the property you also find many beatiful and unusal deciduous trees and shrubs, different areas with perennials, a herb garden with medical plants, and a greenhouse with some tropical plants.