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Panorama picture from Alstahaug Municipality in Norway


The skier was found at Røøya on the island of Tro. A approximately 4.000-year-old rock carving, which documents skiing's thousand-year history. At the base of Holmenkollen ski jump, the Ski Museum display the "Skier". The rock carving was used under the XVII Olympic Winter Games in 1994.

Prehistoric rock art is a popular source of inspiration of modern art and crafts. Today this picture is unquestionably a skier, the model for the pictograms for different events in the XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. This 4000 year old Helgelending on skis is portrayed on coins, tapestries and stamps. Arock carving is serving as a symbol for distinctive norwegian character and quality in todays changing world. Just like it did 4000 years ago?