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Panorama picture from Bodø Municipality in Norway


The town is surrounded by beautiful nature, including the Børvasstindene mountains to the south, and Landegode island and the Lofoten Islands to the north. Each year, more than l.5 million people travel to and from Bodø by air, railway, bus, express boat or coastal steamer. Bodø is an administrative centre, with more than 30 national institutions and offices. Among them is the defence headquarters for Northern Norway, the regional airport, and Bodø College. The county offices in Bodø administrate such institutions as the Nordland county hospital and the Nordland psychiatric hospital, with their more than 2.000 employees.

Gradually, Bodø has developed into a modern centre for transport, services and communications. The town is coloured by the presence of colleges and other institutions of higher education, attended by more than 4000 students, defence, health services and commerce, and not least of all - tourism, shipping and transport. In 1991, Bodø celebrated the 175th anniversary of its township status. What more suitable way to celebrate this than to look toward the future - with the opening of Bestemorenga athletic facilities, Bodø cultural centre, and the Nordland Hall, one of the largest indoor football and athletic arenas in Norway?

These recent developments gave a boost to the town's already active cultural life, and provided facilities that allow even more people to take part in the many fine sports and cultural events held in Bodø. Among these are the annual Nordland Festival Concerts, theatrical performances, professional handball games by the women of Junkeren in the Nordland Hall, and the home football games of Bodø/Glimt at Aspmyra Stadium. Not to brag, of course, but Bodø/Glimt were Norwegian football champions in 1975 and 1993, took silver in the national playoffs in 1993, bronze in 1995, and reached the cup finals for the fourth time in 1996.

Bodø is becoming an experienced host for major sport championships. Three of the games in the 1993 women's world championships in handball were played here, as were the Norwegian skiing championships and the Norwegian marksman championships in 1991. The 1994 National gymnastics meet drew more than 4500 participants, and the Norwegian orienteering championships in 1995 brought 3000 participants who expertly navigated their way through Bodø's hills and forests.