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Panorama picture from Bodø Municipality in Norway


Saltstraumen is the strongest maelstrom in the world. Visit when the tide is at its highest and marvel at the forces of nature. Every six hours, 400 mill. m3 of water at speeds up to 20 knots rush through the 150 metres wide and 3 km long sound connecting the Saltenfjord and the Skjerstadfjord. The powerful whirlpools can be up to 10 metres in diameter and 4-5 metres deep.

Saltstraumen is famous for its abundance of fish, including cod, saithe, wolffish and halibut. The world record for saithe caught with a fishing pole was set here, an impressive 22.7 kg! The catch is exhibited at The Saltstraumen Experience. Saltstraumen offers a wide range of activities and exciting experiences. If you want to try your luck fishing you can either rent tackle for fishing from the shore, or you can fish from one of our boats. You can hire a boat on the spot, or join a group going out on one of the deep-sea fishing charter boats.

The Saltstraumen Experience has details and tide tables for Saltstraumen.

At Saltstraumen there is a hotel with a restaurant and café, campsites, with spaces for tents and campers, as well as cabins, rorbu and flats. You can hire small boats. There is an art gallery, a local museum, a handicrafts shop, café, ancient monuments, a hairdresser, a grocery, a petrol station, etc.

This is also a great starting point for rambling and trekking in the beautiful mountains, such as Børvasstindene, or for wandering through areas rich in archaeological remains. Traces of 10 000 year old human habitation have been found here.

Mount Børtinden, mount Per Kalsatind, and the Lurfjelltindene mountains are popular destinations for excursions of varying challenge. Gjælentunet lodge by Valnes is popular with ramblers year round. The place is ideal for families, whether visiting for a day or wanting overnight accommodation. Gjælentunet actually consists of three cabins which belong to the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association, DNT. Rowboats are available.

Near Saltstraumen, there are cultural walks where you can see evidence of prehistoric man. The path from Tuv brings you up onto mount Tuvfjellet, which provides a magnificent view of Saltstraumen and Bodø - especially when lit by the midnight sun.

Saltstraumen Gallery

An impressive collection of arts and crafts from around Bodø, as well as from around the world. Sale of handicrafts and souvenirs. Saltstraumen Gallery is located in the same building as Saltstraumen Hotel. Opening during the tourist season of 15 June - 15 August. Admission includes a multivision show about Saltstraumen.


Saltstraumen Fishing Camp offers fishing trips on the Skjerstadfjord. The Bella 27 footer has a heated lounge and is well-equipped for longer fishing trips or sightseeing. The boat is available year round for groups of max 10 persons. Contact the tourist information centre for further details.