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Panorama picture from Hamarøy Municipality in Norway


Before Oppeid the municipal centre of the borough you will find Presteid. As little boat harbor and Hamarøy fishcamp.

Knut Hamsun

Nine years old Knut had to move to his uncle´s house in Presteid, who was a tailor and a postmaster. His uncle was ill and needed Knut to help him. His stay at his uncle´s should turn out to become a difficult time for him. He was treated very badly. "It was a hard time for me, much work, much trashing and seldom or never an hour free to play", Hamsunwrote later on. His uncle rented a house at the old rectory at Presteid. The houses are gone, but the site of the old rectory is still there, surrounded by tall trees. Here you can listen to the sound of the maelstrom at the inlet to the Glimma.