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Panorama picture from Hamarøy Municipality in Norway


Heimerhavna with Tilthornet in the background. Tranøy is an old and charateristic pilot community and commercial center farthest out in Vestfjorden.


Karl Erik Harr´s Hamsun illustrations in the old country store where Knut Hamsun was employed as a salesman in his youth.

After Knut Hamsun´s stay at his uncle´s ended, a wandering time began, but after a year he came back to Hamarøy, where he worked as a salesman and a office clerk in a shop at Tranøy. Here Knut learns much about life at a commercial center, something he made use of in many of his novels. There is not much left of the commercial center, but the shop is still there and houses today a Hamsun gallery with paintings of the artist Karl Erik Harr. Below the shop, the boat house for big boats lies, also used as a shop. After some time Hamsun leaves Hamarøy, and 20 years will pass before he returns.