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Panorama picture from Lurøy Municipality in Norway


The daily express boat runs from Tonnes. The unique mountain formation known as the Horseman is a famous landmark. A little bit north of Mount Hestmannen is Selsøysvik Gamle Handelssted (an old trading post) where they have recreated activities from the 1770's. Another restored trading post (Falch Gamle Handelssted) can be found in Tjogsfjorden which has a unique antique collection from the 1930's.

Just north of Hestmannen is the old trading centre of Selsøyvik. Founded in the 1770´s Selsøyvik is still a thriving community with a grocery store, fish farms, shipping agency and tanker facilities. Both Mount Rødøyløva and Mount Hestmannen (the Horseman) lies near the shipping lanes and has always been an identification mark for sailers.