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Panorama picture from Tysfjord Municipality in Norway


Stetind, the national mountain of Norway, the gem among Norway´s mountains. Stetind shows a marked and sensational mountain formation, a monolith rising out of the fjord up to 1.392 meters above sea level. For ages it has been a landmark which, well visible from far off, rises high above other nearby peaks. Stetind is well known among mountain climbers, and has been so for a long time. The peak is a “world in itself”, formed by screes and steep, smooth and slippery slopes of naked rock. The top of the peak looks as if it has been formed by four blows of an axe, three vertical and one crosswise.

Tysfjord is recognised by its many long and deep fjords. The longest one stretches almost to the Swedish border. The road offers many fine natural sights and goes through "Stetind", a well known mountaineering peak, by tunnel. In October/November several hundred killer whales follow the herring into Tysfjorden.