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Panorama picture from Vevelstad Municipality in Norway


You can see the mountainformation The Seven Sisters and Røøya. Botnekrona, the highest of the Seven Sisters, at 1072 metres above sea level. From Breimo you can also hike up to Grytfoten, 1019 metres above sea level. Skjæringen, 1073 metres above sea level and Tvillingene 945-980 metres above sea level. Kvasstinden stretches up 1010 metres above sea level. Breitinden at 910 metres above sea level is the lowest of the sisters.

A approximately 4.000-year-old rock carving from Røøya, which documents skiing's thousand-year history. At the base of Holmenkollen ski jump, the Ski Museum display the "Skier" from Tro. The rock carving from Tro was used under the XVII Olympic Winter Games in 1994 Lillehammer.


Skerry Cruise Ferry or express boat cruises are arranged to the skerries during the summer. The B/F "Sigrid" will take you out to the exciting island Dønna. Please get in touch with the Tourist Information Office for further details.