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Panorama picture from Vevelstad Municipality in Norway


When driving along the Coastal Route, you will see both Vevelstad church and Vevelstad Open-Air Museum (bygdemuseum). The Vevelstad reconstruction village is one of the largest of its kind in Nordland. The collection was started in 1963 and the construction from 1980 onwards. The village is a presentation of Vevelstad´s recent past. Both the village and church which lie adjacent to one another, form a heritage center at the hart of the township.

The buildings, which have been moved to the site, house a permanent collection of exhibits. All of the buildings are from the nineteenth cetury, with the exception of the boathouse which was constructed moore recently to accommodate examples of the regions boats - "åttring" (eight-oared), "firroring" (four-oared) and "færing" (four- or six-oared boat).

One of the latest additions is "Torghausstua" from Brødløs which was the house of the mother and grandmother of the well-known Norwegian actor Alfred Maurstad. A liquor store from the 1870´s has been moved here from Vågsodden. Some years as many as over 800 liters of liquer were sold over-the-counter from this store. Other buildings of note include "Vollastua", the pillered storehouse, the cottars barn, the smitty and the "shore bothy". There is a comprehensive collection of exhibits comprising essentially of objects of everyday use, children´s toys and home crafts from the nineteenth century. The target of ore on the site is from the 1880´s.