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Panorama picture from Drangedal Municipality in Norway


In the centre lies the Toke lake surrounded by woodland, plains and mountains 60 to 900 metres above sea level. The many lakes, tarns and rivers create an idyllic setting for the area. The Sørlandsbanen railway line goes through the municipality, and the Prestestranda centre is situated near the Drangedal station.

Drangedal has always had the reputation of being the forestry centre of Telemark. This is still thc case. Many farms combine agriculture and forestry, and some keep domestic animals. Drangedal also has a range of smaller industries which offer a wide variety of employment. Are as suitable for year round recreation and the expansive beauty of the countryside have both led to a recent rise in tourism. Gautefall is one of Telemark's largest investments in tourism and offers a wide variety of events and activities.