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Panorama picture from Kragerø Municipality in Norway


Kragerø is the most south-westerly district in Telemark, and its 307 square kilometres also include the old districts of Sannidal and Skåtøy. The number of inhabitants increases significantly in the summer months when the 2,000 or more cabins scattered throughout the archipelago receive their visitors, and a further unknown number of people visit the town and surrounding area by boat, car and cycle. It then becomes difficult to describe the seething town other than by using such adjectives such as picturesque, idyllic etc.

The built-up area occupies virtually the whole of Kragerø island as well as the mainland, with many attractive houses and narrow, twisting lanes, passages and steps.

Artists such as Thaulow and Peters have found inspiration in Kragerø in both summer and winter and this, too, is where Munch painted his murals for the University of Oslo auditorium. Kragerø´s own son, Thodore Kittelsen, has faithfully reproduced what he has seen of the local landscape and the inhabitants on canvas.