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Panorama picture from Porsgrunn Municipality in Norway


The beginning of Southern Norway in the small village of Langangen, right between Porsgrunn and Larvik. Langangen offers you the sea, good swimming and fishing facilities, along with excellent hiking areas. During the summer the coastline attracts a lot of tourists because of the beautiful beaches and skerries.

From Larvik, there are ferries to Denmark, like the passenger ferry "Petter Wessel", and from Sandefjord you can visit Sweden by another ferry. Skien and Porsgrunn are two towns in the center of Telemark with 100 000 inhabitants. This is one of the most important areas for Norwegian industry. Especially Norsk Hydro, the largest company in Norway, has major importance for this area.

Telemark county is known as little Norway. It is famous for its beautiful coastline, but if you go north you will find mountains and valleys. The highest mountain is Gaustablikk and in good weather you can see an area more than ten times as large as Vestfold county. The most famous tourist attraction is the Telemark Canal, which goes from the coast to the middle of Telemark.