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Panorama picture from Berg Municipality in Norway


Hamn i Senja is somewhere you will really remember and want to return to - and a place you can let yourself go. A wonderful, almost magical atmosphere exists here, so no wonder we have so many marvelous visitors! The good feeling makes it easy to get away from it all and find peace of mind. Here you can fully enjoy the fresh air and the splendid natural surroundings that are so difficult to describe in words alone.

The scenery is something else - and will surely take your breath away. Certainly it takes ours away, and we spend our lives in this ever-changing wonderland of weather and wind. The Midnight Sun isn't the only thing Hamn can offer. A fresh sea wind is an exciting experience, and it can surprise you just as much as fair weather! Today the historical fishing village has been restored and converted into a full-feature, high-standard retreat where your comfort and well-being are foremost in our minds.