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Panorama picture from Gratangen Municipality in Norway


North Norwegian Ship Preservation Centre and Boat Museum. Exhibition of Nordland boats and equipment through 200 years is located in the Boat Museum in Gratangsbotn. There is an antique workshop with boat yard in Hellarbogen for restoration of older vessels. Many of the fishing boats that are taken out of operation are found today as museum boats, still floating and in good condition. The memorial grove near the boat museum contains memorials from the battles in Gratangen on 24 - 25 April 1940, where the Alta Batallion and the Trønder Batallion were involved in what was to be the German's first defeat in battle during the campaign.

The Foldvik Wharfs are restored piers, drying racks for seine nets and quays that described the "time of the herring", when the wealth of the sea could be scooped right into the boat. The whart environment and boat museum also tell us about the history of sealing and its importance for the municipality through 100 years. The project is Gratangen contribution to the "Fotefar mot nord" project.