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Panorama picture from Kåfjord Municipality in Norway


The municipality have many lakes and a scenery surely take your breath away in this ever-changing wonderland of weather and wind. The administrative center in the muncipality is Olderdalen. Inner Kåfjord use Birtavarre as a local center and in Manndalen is the servicecenter in Løkvoll.

Fishing and agriculture is still very important, and fish farming is of increasing importance for the employment of people. In Outher Kåfjord where Fish and fish farming we find this small villages Birtavarre, Trollvik, approximately 4 km fra Birtavarre center, Djupvik and Nordmannvik. In inner Kåfjord where agriculture we find Manndalen, Skardalen and Nordnes. Manndalen is known for Fishfestival in june and Riddu Riddu in july.