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Panorama picture from Flekkefjord Municipality in Norway


Hollenderbyen, or the "Dutch town" got its name because of the close ties with Holland. The merchants stayed in this part of town, hence the name. Meandering through the narrow streets, one still finds quaint little houses with lace curtains and potted plants on the window sills. During the 18th century, trade with Holland was at its peak, and riches werw made from, among other things, export of oak timber. Amsterdam is built on oak pols from Flekkefjord. The people bonded with each other, and more than one Dutchmann found a wife in the area.

Some customs are still to be found. For example, when children play "odd man out", the counting goes as follow:
Anniken, Fanniken, Finken, Foken, Den forbistrede bondekonken or Ana, Drana, Drina, Druks, kontra, fira, fem og seks.
Bim Bam Rotteridam, Silkemaria, Born for Kia, I Vi Vekk.