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Panorama picture from Flekkefjord Municipality in Norway


On the riverbanks you can easily see the town pattern with the warehouses closest to the sea, the gardens between the warehouses and the houses where people lived. From the bridge you can see Flekkefjord Church. It is an octagonal wooden church drawn by the architect H. F. D. Linstow (who also drew the Castle in Oslo). It was built in 1832 and was renovated in 1905, in 1933 and 1971. Several churches have been built at this site earlier, the oldest one in 1460.

Through times, the fjord has been the life line to the rest of the world with ships coming from and going to all corners of the world. Today the fjord is the main recreation attraction. The two sea- warehouses are new buildings, reconstructed according to drawings of old sea-warehouses that burned down on New Years Day 1981.