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Panorama picture from Lyngdal Municipality in Norway


The Grønsfjord stretches inwards on the west side of Lindesnes, and at Jåsund it joins the Lenefjord. The Jåsund is a unique sound where the bottom of the fjord on the inside suddenly plunges from a couple of metres to nearly 200 metres in depth. The Lenefjord, called after the farms at the end of the fjord, is well known for its spectacular green colour.

In the winter the Lenefjord looks like any other fjord along the Norwegian coast - long and deep, with clear, dark water. However, in early summer the fjord performs a notable feat - during a couple of weeks the fjord puts on an intense light green colour. This green colour is caused by a growth of a special, not harmful brown algae at the top 10 to 15 cm of the water.

West for the Lenefjord you will find the third fjord in Lyngdal, the Lyngdalsfjord. This is a threshold-fjord. The fjord has an ample supply of fresh water and not much salty water. The fjord is 116 metres deep at the deepest point. At the threshold it is only 6 metre deep. At the end of the Lyngdalsfjord you will find the beautiful Kvavik beach Kvaviksanden, which is a very popular sailboarding area.