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Panorama picture from Lyngdal Municipality in Norway


Lyngdal is well known for its nice and quiet shallow sandy beaches. Within Rosfjord you will find the beautiful Rosfjord beach. Earlier it was well known as the finest bathing beach on the south coast, particularly people from Stavanger and Rogaland made their way there. At Rosfjord your will find boats for hire, kiosk, car parking and toilet facilities. You will also find playgrounds for small children at the nearby campsites.

You can also see Agnefest. The place was a centre of coastal and foreign shipping and trading. Today, Agnefest is a port of call for coasters and is a fishing station. You will also find a guest harbour at the end of the Rosfjord, at Agnefest. Here you will find-shower facilities, WC, shop selling fishing tackle, boat equipment and kiosk. 1 km from bathing beach, camp site, hotel and restaurant.