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Panorama picture from Lyngdal Municipality in Norway


Korshamn is situated 17 km from Lyngdal and is the southernmost fishing village in Norway. For several centuries, the large Northern European trading route went right by the front doors in Korshamn. There was great activity both here and on the surrounding islands. Today, Korshamn is a thriving community with a school and shop. The place has 170 permanent residents and is a popular travel destination. Korshamn offers accommodation, diving centre, and pleasure boat harbour, and it is possible to take part in deep-sea fishing tours.

Also, the place has a restaurant and an art gallery which is open during the summer season. Outside of Korshamn you will find the island Sutnøy, Kjøpsøy and Sæelør which are popular excursion spots and well worth a visit.

The Korshamn Guest Harbour is a sheltered harbour with several anchoring places, a public house, local shop, fuel water and toilets are found here.

Korshamn Chapel, by a Royal proclamation on May 22nd, 1906 it was given permission to consecrate the already erected chapel for use as church functions and sermons. The chapel has 250 seats, and in the basement there is a kitchen and a small assembly hall. The chapel will be opened by appointment.