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Nannestad in Norway Nannestad municipality coat of arms


341,0 km2

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Nannestad muncipality has approximately 11.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 341,0 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Nannestad. Nannestad muncipality highest mountain is Marifjellest mountain (720 metres) north in Bjørke. The main attractions are the Holter Church, Nannestad Church, Vigstein, Heimskringla, Økrisætra, Lake Rasjø and Romeriksåsen hill.

The most important motorways and main roads to and from the whole of Norway go through Akershus. Travelers by train, coach, car and boat to and from the area around Oslo have to pass through Akershus. There is a very good public transport system carrying large numbers of passengers between Akershus and the surrounding area daily, facilitating travel around the county. This provides an alternative to the big city, whether it's for just an afternoon trip or a longer stay. You can get to all parts of Akershus within one hour from the centre of Oslo. The most modern airport in Europe lies in Akershus Oslo Airport.


Trugstadloftet, an old storehouse which has been remodelled with antique farm furniture and canopy beds from the 1800's. Here you can make your own meals in the kitchen. Trugstadloftet is located in Holter 15 min. from Oslo Airport. Take E-6 north towards Skedsmokorset where you will take RV 120 towards Nannestad. Drive through Gjerdrum until you come to the roundabout near the Rimi grocery store/gas station. Continue straight ahead about 2 km towards Nannestad. Turn left at the sign marked "Trugstad gård".


Nannestad Church have some of the old Roman stonechurch as mention in Håkon Håkonsons saga. Rebuilt in 1693.