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Nes in Norway Nes municipality coat of arms


637,3 km2

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Nes muncipality has approximately 19.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 637,3 km2. Farming and forestry have always been important for settling and employment in Nes. Admistrative center is in Årnes a idyllic place besides Glomma. Opakermoen is located approximately six kilometers east of Vormsund and eight kilometers northeast of the municipal center Årnes. Norway King Crab have built their own "crab hotel" close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Nes Collection is a collection of museums, run by the Nes township. The main attractions are the Gamle Hvam Museum, Fenstad Church, Nes Church, Udenes Church, Årnes Church, Arbeidersmåbruket Furuseth (Workers'farm Furuseth), Auli Mølle, Funnefoss Industrial Workers' Museum, Stein Schoolmuseum (skolemuseum), Nes Churchruins (kirkeruiner and Svanfoss lock.

The most important motorways and main roads to and from the whole of Norway go through Akershus. Travelers by train, coach, car and boat to and from the area around Oslo have to pass through Akershus. There is a very good public transport system carrying large numbers of passengers between Akershus and the surrounding area daily, facilitating travel around the county. This provides an alternative to the big city, whether it's for just an afternoon trip or a longer stay. You can get to all parts of Akershus within one hour from the centre of Oslo. The most modern airport in Europe lies in Akershus Oslo Airport.


Årnes is the administrative centre of Nes. Årnes is located in the north-east of Akershus county along the Glomma River, Norway´s largest and longest. Areas that compose Årnes are among others Årnes sentrum, Runni, Drognes, Høie, Fjuk, Dragsjø, Kjus, Fjellfoten, Bodding, Henni, Husmo, Østgård, Bjørknes and Sagstua. Årnes and the fields surrounding it was known as Årnes Gård (Årnes farm) until 1862 when the railway between Christiania and Kongsvinger was built.


The old manor farm in Hvam lies on a hill with a clear view of lush fields below. This farm was one of the biggest in the area for several hundred years, until 1911 when it was used as the agricultural college for Akershus Amt (county), together with the neighbouring farms, Tomter and Vesle Hvam.

Today the farm Store Hvam has become Gamle Hvam Museum with an external gallery from 1728 as the oldest building. The museum is magnificent, as the whole courtyard of old buildings has been preserved. The courtyard consists of 2 main buildings, a cow shed, stables, a barn, sheep cotes, a brewing house and a potato cellar. The house is furnished as a manor farm was in the old days. In the outbuildings there is an agricultural and crafts exhibition. There are farm animals on the farm in the summer. A period country store shows old goods, and they sell boiled sweets and souvenirs. The museum has a very pleasant cafe, serving light refreshments. The museum is open from May to September.


The first stone church in Nes was built on the headland between the Glomma and Vorma rivers in the twelfth century. Guided tours for groups by prior arrangement April- October. Stonechurch built around 1100.


Exhibit of dwellings from recent past, with description of a tight-knit industrial community and its way of life. Guided tours for groups by prior arrangement April-October.


The mill located at Sagstuåa close to Årnes. Restored the way it jused to be.


M/S Elvekongen through Svanfoss lock. M/S Elvekongen have room for 50 passengers. From mai - september.


The old folkschool as is jused to be, looks fantastic inside with Reidar Auli and Wergland wallpainting. The entire school building was decorated by well-known Norwegian artists in the 1030s.


The Glomma or Glåma is the longest and largest river in Norway. The 621 kilometre long river has a drainage basin that covers a full 13% of Norway´s area, all in the southern part of Norway. At its fullest length, the river runs from the Aursund lake near Røros and runs into the Oslofjord at Fredrikstad.


Nes Golfclub is a golf course with 18 holes and a variation of difficulties. The course lies at Rommen Farm in Vormsund. Ranked 7 of 10 norwegian courts at Peugeot Golf Guide 2000/2001 - Europe's Top 1000 Golf Courses.

Hvam Golfcourt is a golf course with 9 holes. The school and the court is established to cover the training of greenkeeping and sports.