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Vegårshei in Norway Vegårshei municipality coat of arms


355,7 km2

Vegårshei Local Directory

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Vegårshei muncipality has approximately 2.000 inhabitants and covers a area of 355,7 km2. At the centre of Vegårshei is the Vegår, one of the largest lakes in the county with more than 350 islands, white fine sandy beaches and many good fishing spots. Able anglers are of ten rewarded with trout of 2-3 kg. Hire a canoe and enjoy nature for a few hours - or days ! On your travels around Vegarshei, call in at the rural museum with the collections of Julius Grasåsen.

Kilsloftet is a cosy local handicrafts centre where mats and beautiful knife sheaths, based on old shapes and patterns are made. You can also be served local traditional food like elk-soup and "søsterkake". This is where nature and culture live in harmony.


The Kilsloftet contains a wealth of traditional home crafts from the region and a charming hostess. Solbjørg will serve you with her home baking, and elk soup. Rental of the local flat-bottomed boats, Canoe rental in Vegår.


A pleasant farm which has collected some of our past. Open June- August or by arrangement.


War memorial at Vierli, Marked from Rv. 416. on the evening of 30 March 1945, a British Short Sterling aircraft was shot down over Vierli. A memorial stone has been raised at the site where you can still see the wreckage of the aircraft.


The annual great harvest porridge is prepared by the health association at Vegårshei. Entertainment, sale of hobby products, lottery.


Trout and perch fishing. For further information on fishing contact Vegårshei Servicesenter. Fishing in ponds and lakes Eksjø, Kalbergvann, Korsdalstjennene and the upper reaches of the Storelva. Fishing competition and demonstration of equipment. Talk on care of fish and caulking.