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Panorama picture from Drammen Municipality in Norway


Spiraltoppen is the roof of Drammen. To get to the top, you can walk from the town or drive up the unique Spiral Tunnel, reaching the top through six spirals over 1650 metres inside the mountain. The tunnel leading up there was completed in 1961, but the top has always been a popular goal for Drammen citizens on their days out. Spread over Spiraltoppen are a number of sights. At the viewpoint you can see as far as Kongsberg, below the restaurant is the old "Vestre skanse" entrenchment, fortified in 1902-05. In the northeast is "Østre skanse". The cannon road goes in northwesterly direction along the edge of Bragernes ridge from Spiraltoppen to Jutultønna and further down to Årkvisla in Lier, offering several splendid views.

The Open-Air Museum

The Open-Air Museum is located northwest of Spiraltoppen. This lovely woodland area includes several old village houses displaying yesterday´s homes, building style and trades in Buskerud county. Within the grounds of the Open-Air Museum begins a nature trail which takes you to lovely scenery and several forest secrets. Round Spiraltoppen runs a dense network of lit skitracks, marked paths to woodland lakes, cultural monuments and eating places. On the ridge below Spiraltoppen you can follow the old footpaths, built by citizens more than hundred years ago, and visit Åspavlijongen. The Hamborgstrøm Forest with 200-year-old trees has a rich flora and fauna. On a lucky day you may even meet both moose and deer.

Walk in a fairy tale forest

Wherever you are in Drammen, you will always be only a few minutes away from fine footpaths, nature trails, glittering forest lakes and miles upon miles of fine woodland or hilly grounds, splendid viewpoints and scenic countryside. It is up to yourself to choose the distance and the degree of difficulty you can manage, both in summer and in winter. The nearest and most popular goal is Bragernesåsen. It has a full network of foot paths and trails to follow to the ridge where there is a marvellous view of Drammen.

You´ll see Strømsø-åsen ridge, the wide valley, the harbour, the mouth of the river and the wide Drammensfjord. To get to the ridge, you can walk from the town or drive up the unique Spiral Tunnel, reaching the top through six spirals over 1650 metres inside the mountain, and setting out from Spiraltoppen. From here you have several choices: Walk along charming nature trails, or pick and choose from the many paths and trails on the ridge before walking back to town. Another suggestion is to head for Landfalltjern, Tverken restaurant, up Tverråsen and further inland to Skimtvarden (584 metres). There is a splendid view from here in all directions, to the mountains in the west and north, to the fjord, the sea and the coastal areas in the east and south. An information board gives you the names of all the sights plus the distance on a beeline.