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Panorama picture from Hol Municipality in Norway


On our way to Bergen, just a few kilometres from Aurland is Mountain Norway in a nut shell. Mountain farms cling on precariously to emerald green scraps of land on the steep mountain sides and in the sheltered coves, small churches and clusters of houses stand as proof of people still living here. It´s the contrast of the countryside that makes it all so wild and beautiful.

Follow marked trails or choose your own route. If you wander along quietly, you may get close to the wildlife in the mountains - grouse crouching in the heather and scrub, almost invisible. River trout darting for cover along the stone river bed. Take a tent with you and enjoy the mountain wilds. Or seek shelter for the night with other mountain ramblers in a cabin or a hotel.

A trip on a bike is a bit quicker and more exciting in a different way. And if you really want to see a lot of nature, how about doing it from the back of a horse? Canoeing on the many lakes is a wonderful experience, with only the sound of water dripping from the oars breaking the silence. Or perhaps a trip on a raft down the gushing torrents and waterfalls sounds more tempting?