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  Hedmark map of county

Welcome to Hedmark County and the weather right now! Hedmark County is one out of 19 countys in Norway and covers a area of 27.388 km2 and a population of approximately 195,153.

Each County is divided into different municipality. For Hedmark County you will find the name of the municipality to your "right" (municipality for the whole country is 428) or read a short story given below.


Among the existing government incentives, all-electric cars are exempt in Norway from the annual road tax, all public parking fees, and toll payments as well as being able to use bus lanes.

In Hedmark the Charging stations is 34 and Charging points is 97 at the moment. Charging points can be found on street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots, at places of employment, hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses etc., as well as in driveways and garages.


Hedmark is the third largest county in Norway. The varied landscape in Hedmark ranges from rich farmlands in the south to mountains in the north and large forest areas between. Although Hedmark is mainly rural, its proximity to Oslo and the international airport gives the area a central location in the country and puts it close to the rest of the world.

The increasingly modern infrastructure, developed for the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics, continuously reduce the distances between Oslo International Airport and the towns in Hedmark. The towns, most of which are located in the southern region of the county, are comfortable and stable communities, offering excellent opportunities both for business and leisure.

From the legend of one of the greatest skiers through the ages, Tryil-Knut, and to Olympic Gold medals in our times, Trysil has been connected with great skiing achievements. Trysilfjellet, Norway´s largest ski area, still attracts more visitors from near and far every year. The Trysil district is large and rich in experiences, from the beautiful Ljørdalen Valley in the east to the well-known Osensjøen Lake in the west.

Trysil boasts a world-class 24 lifts serving 62 slopes over three sides of the mountain, with forest areas and high mountains. The 685 metres vertical drop and 70 km of green, blue, red and black slopes gives opportunities of choice for everybody, from beginners to experts. Trysils best known inhibitant is Formel 1 driver Michael Schumacher.

Kongsvingeris known as the fortress town on the river Glomma. Situated high and free on the bend in the river called "Glomma´s knee", the fortress has become the symbol for Kongsvinger. The building of the fortress was started in 1681-82 and formed the foundations for what was to become the town of Kongsvinger. The fortress was built as a defensive structure against the Swedes, and on numerous occasions there have been military engagements in the area around the fortress, but Kongsvinger fortress has never been taken in military combat.

The poet and troubador Alf Prøysen is dear to the hearts of all Norwegians. His lowly birthplace at Rudshøgda is a major tourist attraction.

Mjøsa is Norways biggest lake. Approximately 100 km long and almost 500 metres deep. The Lake starts at Lillehammer in north, and ends with Minnesund in the south.

"The white swan of Mjøsa" was built in 1856. Skibladner is the world´s oldest paddle steamer still in regular service. Originally intended as an extension of the railway which ended at Eidsvoll, it has plied the blue waters of the lake on its route to Hamar, Gjøvik and Lillehammer during all of the ensuing 140 years.

The climate in Hedmark is affected by its inland location and its many lakes and rivers. The weather is very stable and quite mild compared to the coastal regions.

The traditional Olympic values of integration, cooperation and fair play are as relevant to today´s society as they were when the Games first began. There is, however, one more vital ingredient for a successful and prosperous culture and community quality. Quality in the way people live, how they earn their living, how they compete and how they organize their societies. It is this sense of quality that is Norway´s most important asset - offering all business investors a true business advantage.

Hedmark offers ideal conditions foe achieving a good quality of life. People have different opinions about what quality of life means, although there are some common denominators. Hedmark´s peaceful and beautiful rolling landscape of farmland, forests and mountains offers fantastic year round recreational opportunities. The climate is stable with distinct divisions between the warm and the cold seasons. Stability and security characterise the county in many areas. Both are important factors in most people´s interpretation of what quality of life stands for. The most famous person in Hedmark is the painter Edvard Munch. He is born at Løten on 12 December 1863.


Recreation is very important to Norwegians, and people in Hedmark are no different. The focus on quality recreation in Hedmark has resulted in a wide range of leisure activities available to everybody. Whether the activity of choice is a sport, a hobby, or just plain entertainment, Hedmark offers excellent options for everyone. The stunning landscape and clean environment make Norway and Hedmark ideal for all outdoor activities. Hiking, skiing, rafting, fishing, camping and golfing are just some of the many activities readily available to people in Hedmark.


The "Finnskogleden" stretches through Finnskogen a well marked foothpath. You can walk for one day or several days and enjoy both nature and culture. You will not find the wood nymph, but it is not far off. In the 1600"s Finns fled from powerty and crop failure in their homeland and came to this district, traces shown today by the Finnish names Särgelamp, Lebiko and Balagombo deep in the Norwegian forest. The Finns built their huts with central fireplace and a hole in the roof, bathed in their saunas and cultivated the land in traditional ways. "Svedjebruk" is the name for sowing rye in the ash from burnt spruce.

The old Finns were said to be skilled in magic. Among thousands of lakes and century old Finnish farms you can still feel the magical athmosphere. The sound of a breaking twig makes you turn suddenly and you can easily understand that some of the modern inhabitants of Finnskogen are known as weather prophets today.

The descendants of the old Finns are modern Norwegians, but they are proud of their roots. Finnskogen has its own museum, its annual Finnskog exhibiton and many restored farms. Every summer the Republic of Finnskogen is announced, an event lasting one week with many Finnish visitors.


Between Halden and Elverum, you find The Wilderness road (Villmarksveien), which is 400km long. Are you visiting Oslo or the Olympic City of Lillehammer? If so, don´t miss this adventurous stretch of road along large and small lakes near the border of Sweden.

Going North on the road from Göteborg you reach Halden by driving on the "Blue-Green Road" from Hällevadsholm or by taking road Rv 21 after passing the border on the E 6 at Svinesund. From the North you arrive at Villmarksveien by leaving the E6 at Hamar. Take RV25 to Elverum or drive on Rv 30 and 3 from Røros to Elverum. Attractions along Villmarksveien, range from the Fortress in Halden to the Norwegian Forestry Museum at Elverum.

Villmarksveien winds its way along lakes, rivers, through open cultural landscapes and into mystical atmospheric forests. The area is rich in cultural heritage of, among otherthings, timber floating and long past conflicts with Sweden. Between Elverum and Magnor are the remains from the extensive immigration from Finland in the 17th century. Here you can "travel" back in history and, have a look into the way of life in the past.

Ride as a passenger on a boat through Europe´s highest lock system. Experience clean lakes by steamboat, canoe or by bathing. Enjoy fresh air and peace in the woodlands. Pick mushrooms and berries. Enjoy the delights of numerous flowers, birds and animals. Perhaps you will meet the king of the forest - the elk. Try your luck fishing for pike or perch - or are you interested in hunting ? It offers a variety of places to stay overnight, activities and shopping.


Arts and entertainment are also strongly represented in Hedmark through the many movie theaters, galleries and museums in the county. The towns offer great shopping as well as a solid selection of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs in all genres.

There are also excellent leisure resources for children and youth. Hedmark offers everything from bands and sports organizations to youth clubs and leisure events. There are also excellent leisure resources for children and youth. Hedmark offers everything from bands and sports organizations to youth clubs and leisure events.

Norway traditionally rates very high in international surveys on standard of living. The pure natural environment, beautiful landscape, nice towns, low crime rate and charming people make this country a very special and comfortable place to live and work. Moreover, the unique combination of rural living conditions, excellent recreational alternatives, and proximity to a major international airport make Hedmark an ideal place to establishment new businesses, both for employers and employees.


The substantial investment that Norway made in its infrastructure and communications during the run-up to the 1994 Winter Olympics has resulted in one of the most sophisticated telecommunications networks in the world. The quality of this structure, together with a highly developed computer literacy among the working population, offers excellent opportunities for businesses to operate and grow in an up-to date information technology environment.

Airports are becoming increasingly important for modern business and economic development and Norway is served by frequent direct flights to the USA and all major European destinations. The building of the new main airport at Oslo is the single largest inland project Norway has ever undertaken and, when complete, will be one of the most sophisticated airports in Europe. Norway"s comprehensive and efficient road and rail network makes light work of travel and transportation around the country.


In every municipality you will find links to Local Directory. This will give you information ON whats happen localy in the municipality even Job vacancy.


GoNorway will present companies which have challenging job, development and career prospects in their organizations. In every municipality you will find links to companies offer Job opportunity.


The choice of different activities in Norway such as Fjords, Golf, Skiing, Cycling, Cruising, Fishing, Stave churches etc.


You can see Video from Norway and from all the Countys.

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Hedmark map of Norway with county marked

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