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Elverum in Norway Elverum municipality coat of arms


1.229,3 km2

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Elverum municipality covers 1,229,3 km2 and has approximately 19,500 inhabitants. With its comprehensive trade and industry it is the regional centre of the 5 southern Østerdal municipalities and a natural junction in Hedmark county and interior Eastern Norway. Elverum is surrounded by villages Heradsbygd, Jømna, Sørskogbygda and Hernes being the most significant. Several important county institutions are situated here, e.g. the county hospital, Terningmoen military camp, Hedmark College and Hedmark Broadcasting. In Elverum are the traditional Grundset Fair (400 years old), the Music Festival, different sports events, the Nordic Hunting and Fishing Festival, and the Elverum Festivities.


Elverum is situated in the heart of the Norwegian forests, and naturally it became the centre of the timber trade at the end of the 1800s. At that time the town's architecture was distinguished by a large number of picturesque, patrician-style buildings. Unfortunately, however, a great many of these beautiful houses were destroyed in the bombing of Elverum during the first days of World War II.

The social and cultural growth characteristic of Elverum´s local history was caused by the many wealthy forest owners during periods of prosperity. Elverum has continued to build upon and develop important local traditions, and it changed from parish to obtaining town status in 1996. The town has a lot to offer. The town centre, Leiret, with its 11,000 inhabitants, is an important centre for various trades and services for a large surrounding area. Outside the town centre you will find nice villages with varied agriculture and beautiful nature, which invites you to an active outdoor life.

Elverum and the Østerdalen Valley have a very special meaning for people who love untouched nature, wilderness, animal life and fishing. The great belt of coniferous forest, the taiga, begins at Elverum, and in these forests there are great possibilities for recreation, gathering of berries and mushrooms, hunting and fishing. No other area in Norway has as large amounts of "the forest's king", the moose, as the Østerdalen Valley, but you can also find bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx in the large forests. Elverum is situated on the banks of Norway's longest river, the Glomma, which is also one of the best fishing rivers.


Glomma, Norway's longest river. At various points the river has created super beaches ideal for bathing and different forms of boating sports. Glomma is one of Norway's best rivers for fishing, and in the currents by the bridge anglers can catch many kinds of fish including trout. The numerous lakes and rivers in the district are also worth trying. It is possible to enjoy the open-air life the whole year round in many different ways. Perch, pike and different variety of carp are the dominant species. They are more numerous in the slower water of the watercourse and in the estuaries where the tributaries join. Here perch and pike can reach a considerable size.

In parts of the Glom where the current is strongest, and downstream from power station dams, large trout can be found. The access to fishing along the Glomma varies. Cultivated land and undergrowth restrict access and fishing from land in many places. On both sides of the river there is a comprehensive road system. From the roads, and where the bridges cross the river, it is often possible to reach suitable fishing places. Good local knowledge is important, therefore talk to the locals! Fishing along the main watercourse is regulated to a small degree.


The name of our new exhibition about the use of forest and wood throug history. In an exiciting way with scenografic settings, light and sound, we show different uses of wooden materials up until today. Parts of an older exhibition will be shown until September. There we give an orientation on forestry, from the tree to the final product, as well as social conditions for the workers.

The animals in the hunting and trapping section fascinate most of our visitors. Here, a short introduction is given to the different species. The new display on knives attracts great attention, as does the development of hunting weapons. Trapping, traps and snares is also a theme which interests both young and old.

The history of freshwater fishing is presented via a guided tour through the display on the second floor of the museum. The Sølensjø Fishery can be seen on film in our modern auditorium. A tour of the Aquarium and the Nature Information Centre is also included.

Here you can see a 3-dimensional slide show based on a number of the national parks in Norway. The sighing of the wind, the music and the wonderful colours all produce memorable effects. The programme, which lasts c. 20 mins, is available with commentary in, Norwegian, English, German or French.

Iron melting traditions are shown on the tour "From bog ore to forged steel" where you will, be guided, round the museum's smelting furnace. The boulder used to record the great floods of Storofsen in 1789, and the trapping systems and temporary shelters used in hunting, fishing and forest locations, are also, important topics.

More than 80 Nordic species and varieties of trees are to be found at the Norwegian Forestry Museum. You will hear about the various used to which different types of wood are put, climatic requirements and special characteristics. Other topics or combinations of ideas, lectures etc. available on enquiry.


This family arrangement had 34.050 visitors in 1999. The Nordic Hunting and Fishing Festival offers knowledge about culture, nature and the environment through adventure and activities. 250 ideal and commercial exhibitors within hunting, fishing, horseriding, forestry, nature, culture and outdoor life. Sporting dog show (500 dogs, 25 breeds), sheath knife making, bog ore smelting, sportsfishing, rafting and boating, skinning and quartering of game. Stuffing animals, moose hide products, puppy show etc.

Special subjects: Sporting dog of the year, Hunter of the year (senior and junior), Antler of the year, National police dog championship, Food ”From nature's larder”, Shooting with bow and arrow, shotgun and rifle. Speeches on various subjects.


Glomdal Museum is the third biggest outdoor museum in Norway, with 90 houses from the Østerdalen and Solør. The museum is beautifully situated at the river banks the Glomma. The Glomdal Museum has something for everyone. Guided tours are available at no extra cost, but visitors are free to make their own way round the exhibits. A tasty meal can be enjoyed at Petershagen Tavern (Petershagen Kro), which serves local dishes in an 18th century setting. Books, souvenirs, and refreshments can be acquired at the museum shop, and the products of local craftsmen are on sale at their workshops situated in the Elverum farmstead.


"FORM" - an exhibition of furniture and pieces from the museum´s unique collection of Norwegian folk art. "Old-time Doctor" and "The Pharmacy" are historical exhibitions of a somewhat unusual kind. A permanent exhibition of Elverum town's substantial art collection can be found in the Art Gallery.

The construction of the new Romany Historical and Cultural Centre will commence in 2004.

House, animals and activities

Besides the 90 houses and buildings in the open-air museum, which are grouped according to their origin in the various parishes along the Glomma Valley, there are more distinctive buildings like the "Synvis-stua", the schoolhouse from Stræte, and the temporary supply warehouse dating from World War II.

During the summer season, farm animals graze in the fields, and children are invited to attend the feeding of the animals as well as enjoy themselves in the playground ("Leketunet"). There are often extra arrangements on Sundays and special events prior to Christmas.


Snippen Farm are located in Julussdalen 15 kms east of Elverum along the RV 25 towards Trysil. You will find a farm with cows, calves, bulls, sows with piglets, a wild boar family, donkeys, sheep, a Shetland pony, peacocks, rabbits, lambs and various poultry.


5 kms east of Elverum, was laid out over 2,250 acres of land bared by an extensive forest fire in 1976. The area contains a golf course, an airport, gliding centre, circuits for car, motorbike and go-cart racing, a trotting track, and a cafeteria.

Motor Sports

Circuits for car, motorbike, and go-cart racing. Brand new go-cart course of international standard. It is slightly hilly, proving excellent vantage points for the public. The circuit includes two straights of 175 ms and 90 ms respectively. With a total length of 1,050 ms, it is the second longest in Norway. It is often considered to be the finest track in Scandinavia with a high degree of public safety.

Starmoen Airport and Ole Reistad Centre

The National Gliding Centre at Starmoen is Norway's largest and best developed gliding centre. It meets international standards for competitions in gliding, light aircraft and micro flying, as well as model-plane competitions. In addition to an airfield with asphalt and grass landing strips, there are hangars and an administrative building.

The Centre has 80 beds with standards ranging from basic accommodation to comfortable, fully equipped high-quality cabins. Accommodation is available all year round. Elverum Aviation Club has groups that are engaged in gliding, aerobatic flying, light aircraft and micro flying as well as model planes. In 2004 the World Gliding Competition (Club Level) will be arranged at the Ole Reistad Centre. The Centre also offers gliding-courses and gliding-trips. Booking in advance is recommended. Activities are subject to weather conditions.


Elverum Golfclub an 18-hole course (par 72) of international standard, situated in woodland. The first 9 holes are in undulating wooden terrain, whilst the last 9 are in relatively open terrain. The Driving Range is partly roofed over, and there is an area for putting and pitching. The clubhouse has a golf store and a cafeteria. The course lies at Starmoen Fritidspark, approximately 4 km from Elverum Center.