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Nord-Odal in Norway Nord-Odal municipality coat of arms


508,1 km2

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Glåmdal region reach through the following municipality Sør-Odal and Nord-Odal in Oppland county and Eidskog, Grue, Kongsvinger, Våler and Åsnes township in Hedmark county. Nord-Odal have approximately 5.100 inhabitants, covers a area of 508,1 km2 and its administrative center are at Sand.


Odalstunet is a number of old buildings from both Nord- og Sør-Odal, located north of Skarnes.


Trautgruva is the largest mining operation in Nord-Odal. In the periode of 1770 to 1830 it was developed iron ore in the mine and the iron was and brought to Odals Værk. The mine is 100 metres long and 10 - 20 metres wide.


In its quiet way people and nature have formed an advanced and rich cultural life. Cultural experiences, art and handicraft are reasons why you should come and visit us. The well known painter Kåre Tveter, and Hans Børli, one of Norway's most outstanding poets, are typical cultural persons from Glåmdal. They have a lot to tell us, but they do not boast. It takes some time to discover them. The people of Glåmdal practise their art all year.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the Finnskog exhibiton, theatre days, "The castle play", literary gatherings, music festivals, historical walks, musicals, accordeon festival, old farms and football matches. Or why not try a real local celebration at the village hall?


The most famous attraction is Magnor Glassworks with guided tours and factory shop. At the world exhibiton in Sevilla products manufactured in elk-leather were exhibited. Here you can buy them directly from the producers. Glåmdal has many old farms that are populated during the summer, small museums showing farms and homes, poets homes, old school life, and peat farming.

Dagny Juel, the bohemian woman painted by Edvard Munch and unhappily desired by the author August Strindberg, came from Glåmdal. Her former home is now the only Women's Museum in Norway, officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen Sonja in 1995. In Glåmdal you can follow the dangerous footsteps of the border pilots from the last war. Furthermore you can try to saw with the old "tiger tail" saw, you can spend the night in a lumberjack's log cabin.

Or you can have an elegant luncheon in Dagny Juel's dining room. Museums are more interesting when they are "alive". In Glåmdal history is kept alive through activities and experiences where the guests are more than just spectators.


Try fish cakes of pike and bread made of bark and be surprised by the good taste. On the menu in Glåmdal you will find game, berries, mushrooms and fresh water fish, all served with new and exciting herbs and spices from the wild herbal garden of the forest. Many offers and short distances, that is Glåmdal in a nutshell. You may find urban life with shopping and night life, but you will never be far away from the unspoilt nature.

Safari with or without a gun. Bull elk, roe deer, capercailzie (wood grouse) mating game, beaver, maybe lynx, bear and wolf. Make it simple or do things in style. A five course dinner at a manor house with exquisite wine is a treat for visiting hunters and others interested in wild life.